Author of Today’s Post is Elle

Neighborhood Evangelizing

We woke up at 7 to eat breakfast with the daycare kids, and they were adorable. At 9, we all gathered on the bus and headed toward the church. When we got there, we were split up into groups to evangelize all throughout the neighborhood. We spoke to many people and invited them to church, prayed for them, and just spoke to them about what was going on in their lives. Although many of us cannot speak Spanish very well, we all had translators and members of the church with us to help out. Many of the stories we heard about people’s struggles and how they live their day to day life really puts a perspective on what we think is the end of the world. We were invited into many homes just to have small talk or simply give a short prayer to those who were hurting or needed the presence of God by their side.

During our evangelism one group visited a woman whose 12 year old son died from an aneurysm.  It had been 2 months and she was still heavily grieving, and was pretty much a shut in.  There was no dry eye in the group as she shared her pain.  The team prayed for her and her family and invited her to come with her children to Vbc and to Friday nights family celebration.  We were all pleasantly surprised when she showed up with her children.  Another woman shared that she had moved to San Isidro 9 months ago and had not met many people.  She thought she had made a mistake in moving here.  During this past March a team from our church visited her and she soon started attending church at the Metodista Fuente de Vida. Today she is on the leadership team at the church.  These are just a few stories on how GOD uses us on serve trips.

Once we were done, we headed back to the camp for a short break and lunch and then headed back to the church to set up for vacation bible school. We set up two games in the sanctuary and two crafts in the two classrooms they had. Around fifty kids and some parents showed up eager and ready for VBS. Elisa had a lesson about the importance of children in God’s eyes and really focused her message around Matthew 19:14 which states, “Let the children come to me.” We sang songs together and gave them a snack and drinks to go home with, plus the artwork they had made. It was a very successful first day.

We then had a break and then dinner time. And after dinner we had our devotional. This time we talked more on helping the people who aren’t like us and aren’t considered “good people”. A what would Jesus do? moment. We also talked about social media and how it’s hurting society but it is also very helpful and influential concept.