2019 July Costa Rico Team, Day 2

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Author of Today’s Post is Elle

Today, we finally made our way towards the camp site. After everyone ate breakfast and packed their things, we gathered onto the bus that drove us 3 hours up the mountain to children’s bible program. We stopped at a local convenience store to pick out a snack/drink about an hour into our drive. Another hour into the drive, we stopped for lunch at Chesniritos where they had a very inexpensive buffet with many unique dishes like fried cheese, pancakes, and sub sandwiches. They also served traditional foods such as rice, beans, empanadas, plantains, and so much more. After lunch, our bus driver showed us two small houses right next to the restaurant. He explained to us, in Spanish, that these houses were the first ever built in that area and was commonly used for travelers who needed a place to stop for the night. We hopped back on the bus for another hour or so and soon after we arrived at Costa Rica mission project campsite. It was raining, of course, so we scurried down the steps with our luggage into our cabins. We got our beds all made, got situated and then had dinner with another team staying there from Alabama. They were super friendly and we played games together and visited. Later that night, we had devotion. We talked about what was going to be happening during the week. Carol lead devotion that night and she shared a very touching and inspiring story.

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