Author of Today’s Post is Elisa

So on Tuesday eight team members went evangelizing and the other 4 worked on the construction site at the cocouri church.  At the construction site they worked alongside a team from West Virginia.  They installed and leveled the gravel and poured concrete.  Dianne painted the beams and helped to put them in place.  The general consensus was it was great, hot but missed the connection with the people from Costa Rica.  They also made friends with the West Virginia team, Michael the intern and Mr Pig. 


The team that evangelized had an amazing time meeting new friends and hearing stories about life struggles.  One particular woman shared that she was dealing with radiation as a result of her cancer, she was originally told she would not make it beyond a few years, it’s been eight.  Her husband continues to be her biggest champion.  At times when her husband could not take her to the hospital for her session she would get a ride from a local cab driver who would not charge her even though he was losing some of his days wage as a result.  At times when he couldn’t wait for her she would get a ride back from someone that she met at the hospital.  Many of us cried as we heard her story. When asked about praying for her she asked that we pray for her mom as her dad had committed suicide the year prior.  We prayed, afterwards we invited her to bring her children to VBC.  She came with her children that afternoon and she looked so happy to be there.  The team all gave her a hug when we saw her.  That’s what living in a community is all about.  Reaching those that are hurting and being there when they need a hand to hold onto or a shoulder to cry on. 

VBC Music

Today at VBC we had about 45 children.  We played a variety of games, the lesson was on worship and studying scripture. The children have really responded well to the questions they are asked. Especially when they get the chance to earn a piece of hay for JESUS crib. That’s right JESUS has a crib that the children are adding hay to whenever they answer a question.  A secret that we have learned is if you offer a “special gift” to the child that displays the most spiritual gifts that day you will get many children behaving really well. 

Hasta mañana!