Author of Today’s Post is Elisa

Buenos Dias!

Manuel Antonio National Park

Today was our fun day and we headed to Manuel Antonio Park a natural preserve that is protected by the government. We started our journey early since we wanted to capture as much time at the park which by chance is on the coast so it included beaches. Included in our team were the three ladies that helped us with translation. Two of which had never gone to this park and one that had gone when she was little. The reason they had little to no opportunity to go is because their parents work long days and do not have time. On our way to the park we stopped at a gas station for a restroom break and of course for snacks. You would think we haven’t eaten much on this trip based on the amount of times we purchase snacks. There is something about stopping at a gas station to fill your vehicle up that you feel includes you as well.

When we arrived in Quepos we stopped at the grocery store in town called Pali where we picked up some items and if you have caught up on our need to snack you probably could guess what was in our individual baskets. Afterwards we went to lunch at Bali’s where the menu included burgers, seafood, salads and more. After lunch we walked to the park. At the entrance we were told that no balls or food could be taken into the park so Jason was nice enough to take our snacks back to the bus. The majority of the walk through the park was on a boardwalk with a variety of interesting vegetation and sounds.

Martin had the foresight to bring some blow up rafts and several of the team members had the pleasure of floating in the Caribbean Sea. The tide was a little strong at times and we ended up getting most of our personal belongings a bit wet, nothing that a hanging branch can’t remedy. Except of course for the monkeys. Yep you got that right the monkeys. Those cute little furry things are nothing but mischievous. They were constantly on the lookout for the opportunity to take something laying around. Lucky for us we were on alert.

The time at the beach was so refreshing we shared many laughs throughout the day. Our dinner included stopping at the Avion restaurant and changing into our dinner clothes. The food once again did not disappoint, and the views of the ocean from our table were amazing. We ended up getting back around 8:30 pm and we were all exhausted. We had our devotional and debrief and headed to bed. Looking forward to continuing our VBC tomorrow, we sure missed the kids.

Hasta manana!