Author of Today’s Post is Elisa

Happy 4th!

There wasn’t much celebrating with the exception of the gringos wishing each other happy 4th. Today Dianne and Martin went back to the Cocori church to work on construction. The rest of the team went to visit homes, stories once again were heartbreaking. Several team members went to visit Gabby’s mom who is about 80% blind. Gabby has been with us pretty much every day. She shared that she has no formal education and has always felt that she wasn’t smart. Through her involvement with the church she has gained wisdom and has felt empowered to be the voice for those that fail to feel HIS almighty power and strength. Elisa was invited to join Yolanda’s bible study. The 4 1/2 hours included scripture, reflection, music, meditation and lunch. The fasting which started the evening prior which was a part of this day brought the awareness and connection to the spiritual discipline of sacrifice to a whole new level. It was an amazing experience where the women each shared their struggles, their petitions and love for each other at the table.

In the afternoon we went back to the Pavones church where we played Flamingo Ring and Arcade Ball. The kids were so funny with the laughter being heard from blocks away. The craft included making a Parachute Person and a butterfly, as with boys anywhere they competed against each other on whose person could glide the best. Today’s lesson included being good stewards of your gifts and talents by serving and giving them away. The children continue to be active in answering the questions during the lesson, they each look forward to the hay they receive to place in JESUS crib. Each piece of hay represents their understanding of scripture, the way they honor GOD by using their gifts and talents in a way that brings glory to HIM, and their commitment to embracing the responsibilities that come with being a child of GOD.

After our time at the church we stopped at the local bakery prior to heading back to the campsite where Diane lead devotion around the fire pit. The bakery was amazing, Some of us got a sweet treat like budin a dense sweet bread pudding, others got a dessert filled with caramel or vanilla and mocha, even others chose an ice cream, and finally we had one person who chose a French loaf, from what I understand it was mouth watering. Dinner was once again delicious it consisted of chicken, rice and salad. Something that has become pretty funny is how everyone has embraced our “plank” session. Typically Jason leads us into a stretch exercise followed by our 2 1/2 minute plank. I believe all personally wish it were more like 5 minutes. Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day, it will be our last day with the children at VBC. For now we will just be thankful that we have one more day.

“Planking Session”

Hasta manana!