Author of Today’s Post is Lisa

Our third day in Haiti was a very busy one.  We arrived in Fondoux, a small town outside Petit Goave.  We had a community of Haitians waiting, eager to spend time with us.  
I was greeted by a sea of shy beautiful faces, children, who were waiting to see what was in my bags!  I started them out with a rousing song, sung in parts to see which group could out sing the other!  It was quite the success!  
I taught them a few new songs including ‘Kum Bah Ya and ‘Deep and Wide’ with my talented and gifted translator and friend, Rodny. I also had a wonderfully talented CHE Leader as a partner, Frantzy, and with his guitar and the rhythm instruments I had brought we had a wonderful day of sharing music together. At the end of the day we made crosses out of multi colored yarn and sticks while singing ‘ Jesus loves the little children.. all the children of the world… red and yellow, black and white… it seemed like the perfect ending to a God – filled day!