Today’s blog is focused on a Bible study on the Good Samaritan and a preventative lesson on hypertension.

We woke this morning to beautiful blue sky after a stormy night. The group loaded our supplies and made the short trip to the community of Tapion. Julie and Angee headed off to teach the matrons (traditional birth attendants), Bob, Kip, and Mitch had a lively group eager to learn about small business, Lisa and Rodny entertained the children with signing, dancing and a game of musical chairs.

Jill and Mary Beth, along with Joseph our translator and Joizin the Principle of CHE,  set up their room in a circle, the Community Health Evangelism way, so that everyone can see each other and no one person stands to “lecture”. Talking about the story of the Good Samaritan, we were humbled by the stories we heard from the group as they have been a Good Samaritan in their community. From caring for the children of a hospitalized neighbor, providing food to those who have none, or a young man who gave a pair of his shoes to another so that he could attend school. These people live out the meaning of helping and caring for your neighbor. We learned much from them today.

We ended our session on a lesson on hypertension which is very prevalent in Haiti. After taking the participants blood pressures, Joizin lead a discussion on ways to help lower their blood pressure without medication.

We had a great group of participants, good discussions, and made new friends.