Today we traveled to Hyacinthe, a small community in the mountains outside of Petit Goave. The hour and a half drive up the rocky mountain road was an adventure in itself. Lucky for us we had two great, experienced drivers who got us there safely.

As we arrived, community and EKS members were setting up for a ceremony to celebrate the opening of a treated water station. This kiosk will provide clean, treated water for the community for a nominal fee. It is only the second facility of its kind in the area. Healing Waters will train community members to work in the station and teach others how to maintain the station. There will also be teaching for the community on the health benefits of clean water. It was a blessing to be part of the ceremony and to be there to represent COR. Water is life, and knowing that our church was involved in this gift brings me great joy.

After the ceremony, Jill and Mary Beth lead community members in a Bible study while Lisa entertained the children through music.

Angee (my translator), Cribe (an EKS leader) and I got our classroom set up and welcomed 5 matrons (midwives) from the area. For the next 2+ hours we talked about newborn and postpartum maternal care. We discussed best practices and the modifications that must be made due to lack of supplies, support and training. We finished the afternoon by gifting each of them with kits filled with supplies that they can use for their next delivery. These matrons are truly a blessing to their community. They don’t get paid and they buy their own supplies unless they are able to get them from a “local” clinic. They consider what they do to be a service to the community.

After the training, we returned home and had to say goodbye to our friend and translator, Rodny. He had to leave in order to go on his own mission trip to Cuba, his first time out of the country. We were able to pray over him and send him on his way.

Tonight we will do our devotions and then pack up for tomorrow which will be our last day in the field. This week has gone by so fast. I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!