Author of Today’s Post is Shannon

Even without our team supplies, we had a GREAT first day of ministry in El Obraje. We had to get creative and adapt to the situation but our Rezlife students were amazing!

In the morning, we were with 1st-6th grade students. We sang songs such as “Christo Me Ama” (Jesus Loves Me) and played games like “Simon Dice” (Simon Says). We also did skits about helping others and talked about Loving God and Loving Others. 

In the afternoon, we were with 7th-9th grade students at the school. Payton shared a devotional on showing kindness to others, and Matthew gave his personal testimony. (They both did awesome!) Then we played games including charades, pictionary, and telephone.

Each day, 1 adult and 2 students will also help Pastor Alejandro deliver clean water systems (bases and jugs) to homes in the community. (Today I got to go out with Tara and Bella.) This is a great way for the local Methodist church to show love to their neighbors in a very real and practical way. 

When we got back from El Obraje, our luggage was thankfully waiting for us at the hotel! Praise Jesus for clean clothes! Even though it was an uncomfortable inconvenience not having our luggage and team supplies for the first day, our students had positive attitudes and we made the best of the situation. Check out our matching blue/grey toned t-shirts from Wal-Mart!