Author of Today’s Post is Karie

Everyone is feeling great and over the hump of feeling a bit under the weather (we gave special thanks to God in a prayer today for the miracle of Cipro 😊). We are so glad to have our entire team together again. We have just one day left of teaching before we have a few days of other kinds of activities at the school and then at the church, and we are sad that our time in the classrooms where we have bonded in indescribable ways with the kids and school staff is coming to an end so quickly. It’s really something that is hard to describe when you see the children rushing in a crowd to greet you in the morning…someone described it as what it must feel like when we enter Heaven.

Pastor Chris from RezWest shared a devotion with the entire Juan Wesley school today about how we are all endowed with gifts that make us a unique part of the body of Christ, and that each part is important and cannot be fully part of the whole without the other very important parts. Then, as an example each team member shared the skills God gave them that make them unique and how they fit into the body of Christ. It was a great time of sharing and fellowship that allowed us as a team to share who we are with the entire school. Then, we continued with our regular schedule of classes where we are feeling more and more in the groove and comfortable with our classes and getting to know the kids and their personalities better each day. Today, each team played Bingo with the English words we have been working on (with Fruit Loops as the markers for the Bingo cards as a treat for the end of class…a great display of will power, and we were all very impressed with our kids!). Bingo was a huge hit!

Fanny receiving a goodie basket

In the afternoon, we delivered a few more baskets to people in the Community. It was a special pleasure to deliver a basket to Fanny, one of the former students at Juan Wesley who is now a successful woman, working to provide for her family. She is an integral part of the Ciudad community and has greatly benefited from the Sponsorship Program. She shared her story with us on Monday, and when we arrived with the basket of goodies and she opened the door, she immediately began to cry and needed a moment to collect herself as tears ran down her face, before she bear-hugged each of us, saying, “Que Dios te bendiga, muchas gracias”. God bless you, thank you so much.

Today exemplified what this is all about. It’s Community. It’s Relationships. It’s giving of yourself and your unique abilities to be a part of something greater than just yourself. And it’s absolute Heaven.

PS: We lost the soccer game again today…but this isn’t over yet!