Author of Today’s Post is Shannon

I’m not sure if I can speak for the whole team, but today has been my favorite day of the trip so far. Our evening was capped off by an amazing church service at one of the Methodist churches in DanlĂ­ (I believe it was La Iglesia de Cofradia). When the congregation worshiped in song, they sang with their whole selves: clapping, dancing, shouting, and singing with great joy and enthusiasm. It was a special service where they had games (Tara and Danielle had to try to pop balloons around the ankles of other players), songs, and dancing (several of us got pulled up front for that part!). Devin and I each shared a brief testimony. We even got to hold a cute baby who was the son of one of the band members.

In El Obraje, we talked about self-control and anti-bullying. With the younger children, we shared skits and made “positivity flowers” where people wrote something kind about you on each petal. Bella and Halle shared devotionals with the older students, and in our craft time we made friendship bracelets, tissue paper pom poms, and creative drawings. Riley, Devin, and I got to deliver water to several families in the community as well.

If you could be in prayer for us, many on our team are starting to feel the effects of the week. Although there hasn’t been any major illnesses, there have been quite a few upset tummies and achy bodies.

Tomorrow is our last day in El Obraje and we are looking forward to being with the kids one last time.