Author of Today’s Post is Shannon

Today was a bittersweet day as we said goodbye to the kids in El Obraje. It was so sweet to have them hug us and thank us for coming to spend time with them. But it was difficult when they asked, “Will you be back on Monday?” The memories we created with them will definitely last a lifetime.

We closed out the week by talking about Service and Helping Others using the story of the Good Samaritan. Tara and Jack gave the devotions, while Danielle, Matthew, and Pat delivered water. 

Tomorrow we head to Cuidad EspaƱa in the morning to visit our church’s partner school there. We’ll go to Valle de Angeles in the afternoon for lunch and shopping. We’ll close out the day with a celebration dinner in Tegucigalpa and spend the night in the UMVIM Mission House there.

(Photo is of our team with Pastor Alejandro, the pastor of the Methodist church in Obraje)