Our day started with much excitement & anticipation. Wendy’s brother said a prayer for us, as we gathered at the airport.  The short flight to DC was uneventful, before we boarded the SAA flight to Johannesburg.  We were happy to find that the plane was empty enough to let us stretch out. That is until we landed in Accra, Ghana , and many new passengers got on. The last leg of the flight was crowded and we were very happy to disembark when we landed in Johannesburg. Getting through customs was quite easy & we were able to exchange our Dollars for Rand in the airport. It felt quite rich to have 2 500 Rand, (equal to $200). 
We piled in 2 vehicles for the ride to our home for the week. Our host, Nic, from the B&B was gracious and a good guide pointing out areas along the route. It may take a few days to train our ears to his strong accent. 
It was rather strange riding in the front seat of a vehicle with the driver on the right. And going backwards through a traffic circle was a bit unnerving since they drive on the left side of the road. We arrived at a lovely B&B and enjoyed a tasty dinner of homemade chicken pot pie & rice. We met 2 young ladies from Russia and Ukraine who joined us on the mission. 
Most of us fell asleep quickly with the luxury of stretching out our legs in a comfortable bed. It was so pleasant sleeping with the windows open due to the mild temperatures and the sweet smell of flowers in the breeze. 

Here’s the awesome group of 9 getting ready to depart KCI yesterday.
And met up (in South Africa) with the final 2 team members that flew in from Eurasia. They are Methodist Pastors in the Eurasian church (In line with Charlene).