We got up early this morning as we had to pack our suitcases before we left for our last day at the school. We entered they compound knowing our emotions would be high as we would have to say goodbye to our new friends and the children. We conducted our final training sessions in the morning and worked on various projects around the plot. The ladies were teaching the children about recycling and reusing containers so they would not add to the trash of the dump. 
After lunch, the children performed for us with lots of songs and dancing. I got to pass out “sweeties” (candy) to the children as they left for their 1/2 mile march back to Mooiplaas. As they came through the gate, they would clap their little hands twice, then hold them open, bow their head a bit, and say “thank you teacher”.  Some of the children immediately popped their candy in their mouth and discarded the wrapper on the ground. It was fun to see them snatch it back up when reminded not to litter. 
 We broke into small groups with the staff and asked them for feedback as to the work, training and teaching that we had done throughout the week. It was all positive. My group especially liked the medical and computer training and asked for more training and any medical books or computer training books that we could send.  Then we presented certificates of completion of training and prayer cards to each of the staff members. They were very proud of their certificates and wanted their photos taken holding them up. Then they gave us hand-made cards (by the children) with beaded earrings for the ladies & a leather pencil holder for the men. Then after many pictures, and hugs, we said our tearful goodbyes to our new friends and hope to return soon. 
Our drivers picked us up to take us to the game reserve for our next two nights. It took a bit longer than planned because a terrible accident had closed the highway and we had to take an alternate (longer) route. But dinner was wonderful and the accommodations were as well.