Head of Household: Saimon, 21
Challenges: On a beautiful morning of 10 May, 2001, Saimon’s
parents left their 3-year-old child at home while they made a
shopping trip to Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city, following a
successful tobacco season. Among other things, they promised
to bring him new clothes and toys. This promise left a smile of
hope on Saimon’s face as he awaited their return. Later in the
day, when Saimon was busy playing with his friends, news came
that his parents were involved in a car accident on their way
back from the city and they both died on the spot. Promises
shattered and his future was in limbo. He was adopted by his
grandfather, Isaki. Unfortunately, the grandfather also had other
children to care for and so Saimon did not receive sufficient support. Most of the time they were only eating once
per day and their extreme poverty kept Saimon from attending school. The community members and other
relatives were not there to provide support to Saimon. This was his life until Zoe recruited him in 2017.
Dream Chart Responses: The tragic deaths of his parents still haunt Saimon, but by listening to music he finds
relief and happiness. There is significant abuse of alcohol in his community which Saimon does not like. Despite
coming from an awful beginning, Saimon still dreams big. He wants to be one of the most successful business
person in his community. According to Saimon, it is only by fearing God and working hard that his dream will
come to reality.

Income Generation: After developing a business plan and receiving his group’s approval to open a barber shop
business, Zoe enrolled Saimon in a short vocational training course. After completion, Zoe provided the startup kit
specific for a barber shop and in April 2018 Saimon was in business. Saimon generates a lot of revenue from his
business, on a good days as much a $10. This money has enabled him to care for his family and also purchase
items like a radio, a bicycle, a mobile phone, and another barber kit. Being an ambitious young man, Saimon has
diversified into other business ventures: buying and selling farm produce, making and selling chips, and running a
bicycle taxi. To run the multiple businesses, he has employed three people. Apart from providing employment,
Samuel also trains those interested in barbershop business for a small fee. He made a name for himself in the
business world, both in his community and surrounding areas.

Saimon harvesting potatoes from his garden.

Agricultural Projects and Food Security: There have been a lot of
improvements regarding the availability of food at Saimon’s home.
Unlike before, the family now has choices of food items they want to
consume and are eating three meals each day. The family also has
sufficient food in storage after a successful 2018/19 harvest of maize.
To ensure that vegetables are available at all times, Saimon established a
vegetable garden at their home and began keeping livestock. Late 2018,
he purchased two pigs which he is currently raising.
Group Activities: His empowerment group practices farming as an
income activity and has also established a table banking initiative where
members contribute money which is then immediately made available
for loans. The returned principle and interest grows the account until it
is distributed among participants. All these income projects have been
successful and are working for the good of everyone in the group.
Health and Housing: After attending a training on health and hygiene, Saimon improved the level of sanitation
at his home. Using his own money, Saimon hired people to construct a toilet, a bathroom, and dig a rubbish pit for
the family. He also facilitated the renovation of the house’s roof which was blown off by heavy wind.
Education: Before Zoe, Saimon did not attend school and this has not changed because he is always busy running
his businesses so as to continue providing for his grandfather and family.

Child Rights and Community Connections: Before Zoe, Saimon and his grandfather were segregated from the
surrounding community. People perceived them as beggars so they were avoided. However, after the
development of his businesses, the same community members who were isolating the family started embracing
them. Many are now his loyal customers. Saimon feels that he is a valued member of his community.
Spiritual Strengthening: Without parenst to encourage him, church became optional for Saimon and since he felt
he had been abandoned by God when his parents died he rarely went. Now, through the love he gets from his
empowerment group and the support he receives from Zoe, Saimon has realized that God still loves him and has
prepared a bright future for him. This has ignited his faith in God and he is an active participant in his church.
Prayer Requests: Saimon’s prayer request is that God should continue blessing his business enterprises as well as
guiding him throughout his life so that his dreams should be materialized.

Head of Household: Scot, 19
Dependents: sisters Rosemary, 16, Monica, 17, and Alepha, 15; brother Gidirafi, 12

Background: Scot, 19, is the first born in a family of
five children. His father died of malaria in 2015.
Following the death of his father, the deceased’s
relatives started threatening Scot’s mother on
issues regarding land which was left by her husband.
The relatives had plans to grab the land so that they
could use it for their own gains, instead of leaving it
for the deceased’s children and wife as per their
culture. As pressure on the land issue increased,
Scot’s mother decided to permanently abandon the
children and went to her home village to start a life.
Being the eldest child, his mother’s departure left
Scot with no other choice but to take the
responsibility of head of the household. From that
moment, until he joined Zoe, Scot had been doing
piece works at Alliance One Tobacco Company to
support his siblings.

Scot’s Dream:
 What makes you feel sad? The death of his father
 What makes you happy? Attending church services as well as singing gospel music. Scot is always inspired by
the word of God.
 What happens in the community that you do not like? The tendancy of fighting that most people in his
community are fond of doing. He said this behaviour only hinders development of the area.
 What is your dream for the future? To have one of the best barber shops in his village with mobile phone
charging facilities. He expressed that he wants to be self reliant and be able to contribute to the development
of his family and the whole community at large.
 What will be your guiding principles to achieve your dream? He said this dream can come true only if he
works hard and keep faith in the Almighty God.

Family Specific Achievements Because Of Your Partnership

Income generation: In May 2017, Scot joined Zoe through the Emmanuel Empowerment Group. He is in his first
year. At first, Scot expressed his interest in running a butchery business but later made a U-turn and chose a
barbershop business. In support of his dream, Zoe provided him with the start-up equipment required for a
successful barbershop business. The following is a list of the equipment Scot received from Zoe: a solar panel (80
watts), battery (50 volts), mirror glass, invertor, extension cord, haircutting machine, sharpening stone, haircuts
Despite being in the business for less than a year, Scot has managed to diversify his business and achieve a lot of
things ranging from health and hygiene to education and faith.

Group Project: The group received MK30,000 (MK=Malawi kwacha) as a grant from Zoe so they could sub-lease
agricultural land for crop production. Apart from the grant, Zoe also provided eight bags of fertilizer to the group
in order to help them improve and increase crop production. The group is expected to have a bumper harvest this
year as their maize crop responded well to the fertilizer.

Food security: From the revenue he obtains in his barbershop business, Scot bought three chicken to start a
business of selling dressed chicken. He makes a profit of $1.50 a day. In addition, Scot has three local chickens
which he is currently raising at his home. He is doing this to ensure that the family has access to all groups of food.

Health and hygiene: Scot said his family is now secured in as far as their vulnerability to various diseases is
concerned. He said unlike before, he is now managing to buy enough food for the family hence preventing
malnutrition and other related diseases. Scot added that they can now afford reliable medicine whenever a
member of their household gets sick. Scot attributed this to Zoe, saying the barbershop business he started
courtesy of Zoe is the main source of money for his livelihood including the purchasing of medicine.
Scot also attended a training program on health and hygiene organized by Zoe in February 2018. They were
equipped with knowledge on how they can keep their homes clean. This, therefore, prompted Scot to ensure that
there is cleanliness all the time at his home. He puts this into practice by ensuring that toilet and bin are in good

Education: Scot is now able to send his siblings to school by providing them with necessary items including
school uniforms, clothes as well as soap. Currently, all his siblings are attending school regularly due to the
support he gives them.

Child rights: As earlier indicated, his father’s relatives threatened to grab land which belongs to the deceased’s
wife and children. Through Zoe’s support, the traditional chief intervened, and the children own the land.

Faith: Scot noted that his faith has improved tremendously since joining Zoe. This is what he said,
“My faith has gone up since the coming of Zoe in my life. Unlike before, I am now able to meet my daily needs
through businesses which I started through Zoe’s support. I really believe that it is God Almighty who is doing all
these things in my life through Zoe. I now believe in God more than ever.”

41 households and a total of 103 children

Osward (m) 19
Sherina (f) 16
Matilda (f) 14
Kingsly (m) 18
Linda (f) 13
Allan (m) 10
Lestina (f) 16
Kalibesi (m) 16
Tamala (f) 16
Sara (f) 19
Emmanuel (m) 19
Saimon (m) 19
Nedson (m) 17
Hezekia (m) 17

Tiyamika (f) 18
Richard (m) 20
Chrissy (f) 16
Tiyanjane (f) 15
Ellen (f) 16
Stella (f) 18
Fanny (f) 1
Precious (m) 17
Francis (m) 13
Cynthia (f) 17
Joyce (f) 11
Siford (m) 17
Evance (m) 14
Esau (m) 15
Mickson (m) 11
Enida (f) 20
Stella (f) 4
Jona (m) 1
Selina (f) 15
Witness (f) 7
Justina (f) 2
Sinkanako (m) 17
Dorothy (f) 14
Lindasi (f) 12
Khalidwe (m) 7
Bobzyola (m) 18
Potpher (m) 15
Stanley (m) 10
Amina (f) 16
Yoweri (m) 15
Mphatso (m) 17
Malita (f) 8
Mayesero (m) 3
Patricia (f) 15
Clement (m) 11
Innocent (m) 9
Sarif (f) 2
Saphra (f) 2
Scot (m) 19
Rosemary (f) 16
Monica (f) 17
Alepha (f) 15
Gidirafi (m) 12
Tionge (f) 18
Reuben (m)
Collings (m)
Masautso (m) 15
Junior (m) 16
Maligelita (f) 15
Elita (f) 10
Debora (f) 6
Mayamiko (m) 3
Justina (f) 15
Doreen (f) 10
Sara (f) 10
Kumbukani (m) 20
Mwaiwawo (f) 17
Chifuniro (f) 14
Willard (m) 18
Stiphano (m) 17
Khalidwe (m) 15
Frackson (m) 16
Chisomo (m) 12
Catherine (f) 6
Cosmas (m) 16
Fausita (f) 14
Lukiya (f) 11
Chifundo (f) 16
Kelvin (m) 8
Madalitso (m) 16
Doreen (f) 11
Doreen (f) 15
Lucy (f) 17
Maxwel (m) 17
Flyness (f) 19
Doreen (f) 15
Fidesi (f) 17
Nelson (m) 18
Esther (f) 15
Edward (m) 19
Priscilla (f) 8
Paulina (f) 11
Limbani (m) 14
Thandizo (m) 10
Nataliya (f) 18
Monica (f) 13
Talandila (f) infant