Tidalirane Empowerment Group

Head of Household: Yolamu (21)
Dependents: brother Gladwel (18)

Challenges: In 2002, Yolamu and his younger brother lost
their father to cancer. Soon after the burial of his father, the
deceased’s relatives grabbed the piece of land which the
family had been using for farming. Traditional leaders would
not help rescue them because they had been bribed by
these relatives. This left the family stranded as their
livelihood was solely reliant on farming.
Yolamu’s mother started a small scale business where she
was selling doughnuts at a nearby primary school. However,
the earnings were not enough to support the three member
family. They experienced shortages of good food, clothing,
and other necessities. At some point, Yolamu and his younger brother suffered from malnutrition. An uncle
temporarily bailed them out of this situation by supplying some food items. Apart from their uncle, no other
members of the community were there to provide assistance to the family.

Dream Chart Responses: Yolamu always feels sad when he remembers the death of his father. Watching football
is what makes him feel happy. There have been many cases of abuse in his community and he always condemns
this. Yolamu has been dreaming of building a good house and he believes that through hard work and patience he
will succeed.

Income Generation: Like many of Zoe’s participants, after determining what businesses would be viable in his
community, Yolamu decided to start a barber shop. Zoe provided the training and startup kit so that by March
2018 he could open his business. Yolamu can generate approximately $5 per day to support his family. Some of
the income he is able to invest in his group’s table bank. Yolamu is training his younger brother to also be a
barber so that Yolamu can start another business. He also trains and mentors some members of his
empowerment group.

Agricultural Projects and Food Security: After
spending two years in Zoe empowerment program,
Yolamu has managed to create a food secure home.
Before Zoe, the family could only afford a maximum
of two, sparse meals per day. Now they have three
meals a day and their diets are rich in both quantity
and quality. The family harvested three tonnes of
maize yield from their two-acre piece of land so they
have enough food stored to carry them through the
next season. Yolamu purchased two pigs late 2018
and they have now multiplied to five.

Group Activities: As is common for the Zoe Malawi groups, the Tidalirane Empowerment Group’s primary income
activities are crop production of maize and table banking. During the preceding planting season, Zoe provided
them with four bags of fertilizer and maize seed; they harvested five tonnes. The group has decided to sell three
tonnes and keep the rest for emergencies.

Health and Housing: Following health and hygiene training, Yoluma made the recommended changes to
improved his family’s home living conditions, including the construction and improvement of the toilet, bathroom
and rubbish pit.

Education: Before Zoe, both Yolamu and his younger brother Gladwel did not attend school due to lack of basic
needs in the family, but now Gladwel is able to continue his education with Yolamu providing a uniform and
meeting other school expenses.

Child Rights and Community Connections: In the past, Yolamu suffered abuses ranging from being treated badly
to being isolated by the surrounding community. However now, because of his business, people in the community
have started embracing and treating him warmly. They regularly visit his barber shop where they chat and share
experiences. Because of Zoe, Yolamu is now a valued member in his community.

Spiritual Strengthening: Yolamu and his family have never felt abandoned by God despite going through various
challenges, but because they were so occupied looking for ways to earn money, they did not have time for church
activities. Now that Yolamu has a stable income and he is able to provide for the family, they are happy to have
time for church.

Prayer Requests: Yolamu’s prayer request is that God should continue blessing his barber shop business and make
him a successful business person.

Head of Household: Linda, 18
Dependents: son Kelvin, 1

Background: Linda lost her father to cancer in
2000 when she was only a baby. Her mother
cared for her best she could, but over the years
her mother has become increasingly incapacitated
by a chronic illness. The family grew some of their
own food and worked when able, but meals were
meager and often left them hungry. Just before
entering Zoe’s empowerment program, Linda gave
birth to Kelvin, but the father did not want to
acknowledge nor provide support.

 What makes you feel sad? The rejected
responsibility of my pregnancy.
 What makes you happy? Playing netball.
 What happens in the community that you do not like? Theft.
 What is your dream for the future? To become a tailor.
 What will be your guiding principles to achieve your dream? Working hard, saving.

Family Specific Achievements Because Of Your Partnership

Only six months after joining the Tidalirane Group, Linda was able to start realizing her dream. After training on
business managements and the approval of her business plan by her groupmates, Linda received a start-up grant
to begin her tailoring business. With the money she earns, she can now meet her family’s basic needs and
provide three meals each day. The Zoe program facilitator notes that she now looks “smart.”
Linda’s faith has always been strong, but now she feels more inclined to pray daily and is proud that she can tithe
to her church. She asks that your pray for the success of her business.

31 households and a total of 71 children

Patricia (f) 18
Wezzie (f) infant
Malieta (f) 17
Thandizo (f) 14
Yamikani (m) 18
Alick (m) 16
Bridget (f) 5
Matafale (m) 15
Gracian (m) 11
Mailesi (f) 9
Doreen (f) 20
Estele (f) 18
Bright (m) 15
Paulina (f) 18
Alifonsina (f) 17
Mary (f) 17
Tilifo (f) 16
Marko (m) 18
Tionge (f) 16
Charity (f) 15
Jacqueline (f) 8
Mayamiko (m) 11
Henry (m) 16
Chifuniro (f) 15

Thandizo (f) 4
Jenifer (f) 15
Zelita (f) 15
Scotch (m) 16
Chimwemwe (f) 16

Paul (m) 10
Yosefe (m) 18
Mareen (f) 15
Allan (m) 15
Noel (m) 13
Yesaya (m) 10
Tadala (f) 5
Malawulo (m) 18
Yolamu (m) 19
Gladwel (m) 16
Silinje (f) 17
Mary (f) 9
Adam (m) 18
Patrick (m) 15
Linda (f) 17
Kelvin (m) infant
Dandaula (m) 15
Anna (f) 12
Batwel (m) 6
Tawina (f) 15
Soflet (f) 10
Doreen (f) 15
Eunice (f) 13
Angela (f) 12
Andrew (m) 9
Kelvin (m) 5
Paul (m) 15
Jimmy (m) 13
Prikeria (f) 19
Gilbeta (f) 17
Brandina (f) 16
Sulitha (f) 14
Pilirani (m) 16
Joyce (f) 12
Tiyanjane (f) 15
Fatsani (m) 15
Chifuniro (m) 13
Elifa (f) 10
Bertha (f) 15
Ive (f) 13
Benjamin (m) 11
Alick (m) 7

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