Hafez’s Story

Hafez Pinanji is a 25 year old, boy who lives with his mother and his 9 year old little sister. He was born on the 15th of October 1994. Hafez and his little sister are of the same mother but different fathers. Hafez’s parents divorced when he was very young and the mother took Hafez and went to the village where she wasn’t welcomed by her family as they felt like she only wanted them because she was divorced. Hafez and his mother came back to town and the mother did what she could to make sure Hafez did his school until he reached secondary school (form one) and he couldn’t continue as life became unbearable for both the mother and himself. He found a job at some company but unfortunately the company was sold and the moment this happened, he went astray.

Hafez started drinking and smoking weed as he was frustrated with life. He was born a Muslim and was never a church person. There was no money for food in the house which made him and his family to go days without food. This challenge is still there but the mother tries to sell broken buckets to get money for food or washing for other people.

There is no money for clothes and I feel ashamed to disclose this” said Hafez

Life turned around when he found this vocational opportunity through the Methodist church to learn electrical. In order to make the best use of the opportunity, he stopped drinking and smoking, he stopped troubling his mother and decided to turn his life around. He is thankful to Samaritan trust, the UMC vocational Committee, his mother and the UMC program intern for being patient with him to allow him strive to improve and change his old ways.

He joined Methodist early this year but his mother joined earlier.

I asked him what has been his greatest challenge in life and he said, “Not knowing what to eat every day, not having food in the house, relying on my mother when I know she can’t afford it and trying to find peace works to help my mother”.

Not only that but Hafez struggles with Diabetes that has made him lose weight uncontrollably and with the issue of lack of food it has made the condition worse. Recently he was also diagnosed with unstable BP.

I love fixing things, doing electrical will help me fulfil my passion while helping my mother and my little sister” he said. He wants to work for a bigger company to have more experience and later have his own and employ other people. Both the mother and Hafez thanked the Methodist Church as they know this might be the turning point of their lives. They also understand this is a rare opportunity. Hafez loves creating mats for sell whenever he is free.

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