From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.                                 
                              Luke 12:48

There is a balance to life, and a serve trip to Malawi is no exception. Today was a difficult day, but a necessary day and a productive day, thanks to God.

We spent the morning in a meeting with CCODE, the organization that implements our Economic Empowerment Initiative. We heard presentations on the status of this work, and wrestled with challenges and possible ways in which we can overcome those challenges.

After lunch, we traveled to Chandiwo where our team and the members of CCODE participated in a meeting with the people of the village, discussing how the program has been implemented, what lessons have been learned thus far, and what steps they believe will improve this work, and ultimately will ensure a brighter future for their village.

Our dinner conversation tonight centered almost exclusively around all that we’d seen and heard at both this morning’s meeting, and the “town hall” type meeting in Chandiwo. 

After supper, we had our devotion. Waiting for us as we opened our Serve Trip Devotional to today’s reading was Luke 12:48 (above). What a powerful but encouraging verse, reminding each of us that the Lord was right there in our midst and would surely provide for us the insight and the answers we seek.

And nothing could be sweeter than to receive the lovely and encouraging letters so many of you wrote to us…thank you for those treasures!

Mulungu akudalitseni (GOD bless you!)