Anibal Reyes Belen music students sharing their talents, their way of saying thank you to Samuel Culpeper and Church of the Resurrection .
Dedication of the acoustic room at Anibal Reyes Belen High School.

This past June, ten team members from Church of the Resurrection went to Hatillo, Puerto Rico to help the Samuel Culpeper church in efforts to rebuild areas that had been affected by the hurricane that devastated the island during September of 2017. Pastor Eric, Senior Pastor at Samuel Culpeper partnered with the Anibal Reyes Belen high school to help give back to the community and school by adding sound barrier components to the walls of the acoustic music room. Students at the school have since played at the church to thank them for their new acoustic room. Last month the room was dedicated and the students shared their talents once again as a way to say thank you. True joy is priceless, it comes when individuals take time off from work, set aside money to pay for a trip to serve as the hands and feet of JESUS. The June team received a sense of joy that can never be fully explained but felt deep inside. Listen to the video, and see first hand how each of us can make a difference by impacting our future filled with hope, love and joy through saying “Here I am LORD, send me.”