Final Center Community Organization and Development (CCODE) Meeting

He who earnestly seeks good finds favor
                               Proverbs 11:27

Our team experienced a mentally challenging, but rich and productive morning. We traveled from Madisi to Lilongwe, and conducted our final meeting with CCODE, providing insight and recommendations to our partners, and receiving the same from them. By the time we said our goodbyes, it seemed that we had clarified many points for each other; our hopes for the empowerment of our Malawian brothers and sisters is moving in the right direction. 

We had some lunch, then spent a little time experiencing a local outdoor market nearby.  Thanks to our UMC friends on the ground, we learned something about the negotiations process in Malawi (Important Lesson #1 … Always be willing to walk away!)

Later that afternoon, we arrived at our lodgings, and had some time to ourselves (prayer, reflection, relaxation, etc) before meeting up for supper and sharing one of our (precious few remaining) devotions together. 

Mulungu akudalitseni (GOD bless you!)