2019 November Puerto Rico Trip, Day 2

We all awoke refreshed and ready for what the day would provide. After a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fruit , we headed to Samuel Culpepper Methodist Church to meet and pray with Pastor Eric and the congregation. We were given an explanation of certain highlights in the sanctuary. There’s a plaque thanking Church of the Resurrection for its help in restoring the sanctuary. Pastor Eric also shared the meanings behind the the symbols added during construction. But, above all, the most powerful part of our time was serving communion. Pastor Steve and Pastor Tino anointed the congregants and blessed the sacraments. Then in groups of two, Mindy, Christina, Mary, Elisa, Susan, Doug, Tony, and James gave  communion. It was a very moving experience for all. The church members were so hospitable, showing such gratitude and love to all of us. We were hugged, welcomed and blessed continually by these gracious people. After being served a delicious local meal called sancocho, a hearty stew of root vegetables and meat, we headed to view the two homes we will be working on tomorrow. Lists were made, supplies purchased and plans confirmed for the morning. We then ventured to a nearby beach and enjoyed the sand and scenery, a welcome respite from the day’s heat. The night was then topped off with dinner at a local restaurant. A highlight was being serenaded by the waiters in a birthday tribute to Tino… although it really wasn’t his birthday!

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