We woke to a beautiful,  clear morning after yesterday’s showers. The campsite is nestled in the woods, surrounded by random island vegetation  and gives off a very secluded, yet peaceful atmosphere. Besides the dorms, there is a dining hall and a chapel. After a very indigenous breakfast of cornmeal and a ham and cheese sandwich, we were ready to leave by 7:15  for our second day on the job,  hardhats in hand. Mary led our morning devotional at the church which set the tone for an amazing day of service, but more importantly, community. We once again split up, with James, Mary, Elisa and Doug heading to Sonia’s home. The four of them , with the help of Mindy in the afternoon, completed the installation of the 8 windows. One highlight at both homes was learning how to make cement.   “It’s like making a cake from scratch!” 

At Jeannette’s home, Tino, Tony, Steve, Mindy, Christina and Susan continued to work on the roof adding the rest of the flashing. The women especially enjoyed sawing rebar and using the drill to screw down the metal tins. The final step was brushing a sealant over the newly installed tin tiles. The next project was the bathroom where new cement was made to secure the walls and prepare them for tiles.

Lunch at the church was once again a highlight. It included mashed plantains which were simply delicious! At lunch we were informed that Aida, our wonderful, supportive interpreter, had just heard that her mother-in-law may not make it through the day. We were all saddened by this news and prayed with her before she left for the hospital. The people we have met have truly become friends and family. Working side by side creates awesome opportunities for making new relationships. Aida, Joey, and Alphonso, (to name a few) are rapidly becoming etched in our hearts. Back at the campsite, we were served as anticipated ☺️another delicious meal. While we were eating, sharing, and laughing, we had the pleasure of an unwelcome guest. A bat! The bat circled our table several times and finally was led by the fierce arm waving of a few people out the open door.

The night ended with our devotions by candlelight in the small chapel on the campground. This group feels unique in their closeness and camaraderie. A very special bond has been created and many topics have been covered. Elisa, then topped the night, handing each of us surprise letters from our prayer partners. A truly special way to end a truly special day.