As our last full day of work began, the words from Luke 12:48 “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required” was on our minds. A lot of work had been completed on both of the homes, but a lot was still needed. Doug led morning devotions on the topic of control and expectations. This team set out on Monday to conquer these houses! What became apparent today is whatever is finished or started is what was God’s plan from the beginning. The relationships that have been made and the experiences that have been shared are the true purpose of our time here in Puerto Rico.

Sonia’s team worked a couple hours at her house and then joined the rest of the group at Jeannette’s home. It was extremely gratifying and fun to be all working together. Roof repair was completed, bathroom cement work was continued and ceiling work was started. It was an all out, full blown  effort… which included, laughing, delicious pimento cheese sandwiches, sharing life stories, pumpkin soup, a visit from a young boy and his horse, and the constant serenading of nearby roosters. As we concluded lunch we had a send off prayer for Tony. His leadership, his grace and his generosity of spirit will be greatly missed.

So where did that new shower head disappear to? Laughter has been abundant on our trip.

Our day ended with a trip to the beach. But it was not an ordinary visit, nor was it like our first one on Sunday. Pastor Eric and Pastor David joined us. As our tired and sweaty bodies trudged toward the water, we all felt a calming release. The water was cool and the waves were big and fierce at times, as we all noticeably relaxed from our day. After awhile, Elisa began corralling us to a circle of logs that James, Doug and Tino had gathered. On these logs we sat and listened to Tino tell a story from the gospel of Mark  about Jesus healing a woman who had hemorrhaged for twelve years. It was a powerful retelling, enhanced by the beauty of nature and the presence of Pastor Eric and Pastor David. We then gave each other communion,  sharing the covenant with one another, an experience none of us will ever forget. As we prepare for our last day of service, the memory of sharing the body and the blood of Christ strengthens us all. 


Fun fact: the population of Hatillo is 38,925 for people and 30,159 for cows!