The great eight from RezWest had a wonderful day in El Obraje today. We worked alongside local Honduran men to develop drainage canals in the street in front of the church. We did most of the digging of the ditch while the brothers from El Obraje performed the skilled labor (brick and mortar). 

One of our greatest accomplishments was removing a 600+ pound boulder from our trench without any injuries. The boy in the orange shirt is sitting on our prized rock. The picture below is our combined El Obraje construction team getting in the Chiefs spirit. 

After our construction assignment, we had a fellowship lunch with our Honduran brothers at Pastor Alejandro‚Äôs house. The meal was prepared by the women of El Obraje UMC. 

We finished our day in with a spirited worship service at El Obraje Methodist Church and Pastor Jason Gant provided an inspirational message on unity in Christ. 

The Chiefs Kingdom is spreading throughout Honduras.