It’s Red Monday!  Chiefs Kingdom is alive and strong in Honduras!  

The highlight of the work day was soft dirt. The lowlight was hard dirt. Today we moved dirt and a lot of dirt. We leveled a small hill to expand a parking lot at the Mission House. 

The Carreta (wheelbarrow) brigade transported the excavated materials removed to the parking lot site down a steep hill to level the access road (fill potholes) to the Mission House. 

We were proud to serve alongside our Honduran brothers from San Pedro Sula who didn’t have the same pep from the Super Bowl LIV victory we did, but they still appreciated the win. 

Twelve brave souls ventured to the soccer pitch: six Honduran and six Rez brothers.  Teams were determined to have equal split of church members/nationalities (ie the North Americans were shaking in their shoes). 
The soccer game was an Epic dual and ended in a tie according to the blog author. Adam was elected the most skilled American. The Hondurans appeared to have more advanced skills than their North American counterparts. But we all had smiles on our faces as the night ended. 

Thanks for all of your prayers. They are working as we are all healthy and working well as a team.