Heaven have mercy! The parking lot pad site is level. A full three days to have the site prepped for concrete is behind us. We will leave the easy stuff to the next mission team. 

We have moved a lot of dirt and rocks the past three days. Today was the toughest as the sun shone brightly and temperatures rose. We were also down a few men as the local Honduran team was unable to join us.  But we were blessed to be joined by Pastor Carlos from the Tegucigalpa Centrale Methodist Church and Pastor Nahum from Talanga Diaz Methodist Church on the pick axe, shovel and wheelbarrow convoy. 

At 11:00 this morning, we stopped our excavation activities to acknowledge the Chiefs parade. Our 30 second parade was voted the best Super Bowl parade in Honduran history. Crowd control was maintained and even our local parade can be viewed on Facebook (Pastor Jason was tagged). 

As our final day of construction at the Mission House drew to a close, we are proud of our accomplishments and how we have worked well as a team to benefit the Honduran Mission. Each of us has contributed based our strengths and abilities to produce a well oiled machine led by our El Gallo, Bill. (The old rooster). 

We will leave knowing that we did not complete the trench excavation for the ultimate retaining wall. Eight was not enough for that task. Picking layers of volcanic soils is not high on the top of our lists upon our return to the USA, but we learned some tips that we would be willing to share for the right price in Lempira or an Orange Miranda. 

See below for our trench progress. Yes, we know it is a little crooked…  Don’t judge!